Friday, 13 June 2014



 I’M BACK!!!!

Alright, don’t look at me that way. That was the best dramatic entrance I could come up with. It's pathetic but... do you have a better idea? I know, I know…it’s been a while . But, I promise this time I have a PERFECT excuse. You see, thing is…it was all Savannah’s fault. She was acting up, so I did away with her annd….got Sally! (good luck figuring that one out. And for those of you who know; no, I’m not retarded). Soo…that’s the major story, plus the usual excuses. Ah, yes a LOT of the usual ones. Therefore, you'll have to get your apologies from them, the excuses. And, yes, I missed you too. 

How many of y’all have ever had this “better tomorrow” kinda feeling? Like;

“I’m going to start being a better Christian, but tomorrow I’ll be better.”

“I should practice more but I feel like my arm is falling off, maybe tomorrow.”

“I will stop this addiction, I mean it’s not good for me. But, I still enjoy it so much. Maybe tomorrow I’ll start hating it.”

“I should wash but I think I can pile up one more cloth till tomorrow.”

“I’m going to start writing more, I swear. But gee, there’s a BLOCK in my head. Maybe tomorrow then.”

“I should evangelize more but not today. I’m too tired. It’ll be better tomorrow.”

“Study. Yes, I need to study more. I mean I want all A’s. But, it’s just fifth week, so…maybe tomorrow.”

I do that like EVERY TIME. And very predictably, I find out all too soon that actually tomorrow is not a day of the week, neither is it on a calendar. So, eventually tomorrow never comes.  I’m such a lousy person, I should start changing my ways. I suck at EVERYTHING. I want to start doing things, start changing things but I just get stuck in this tomorrow web. Sometimes, I get so intimidated by how much needs to be done that I tend to analyze it and eventually end up doing…nothing. I’m like the superhero everyone is waiting for to get on her feet.

But it’s not my fault. Tomorrow never comes. Just hangs in there like an elusive spider web. Tomorrow becomes an excuse not to do what is right, a perfect excuse to remain mediocre. Every time I say “tomorrow”, I mentally see a place where it is so much brighter, beautiful, happier, wealthier, spiritual, intelligent…better. Somehow, I manage to convince my silly self that tomorrow is actually that place parfait. But instead, that tomorrow ends up being a Utopia where all that is better and perfect are my excuses. I am NOWphobic. That is the downside of being a perfectionist, there’s never a good time for anything. In fact, there is never a good anything. The world is full of so many lazy geniuses. People like me who would rather wait for that perfect time.

My best option is NOW. But now is hard. Now sucks and it’s not even how I want it. Now I’m tired. Now I feel like such a toad. Now I’m frustrated and all shades of moody. Now I don’t have money. Now I don’t even feel like it. Now I feel sooo sleepy. Now I don’t have enough time, I’m busy, I’m frustrated, I’m hungry, I’m… yadda, yadda, yadda.

Yet, now is better. Now is hope. Now is faith. Now is salvation. Now is the kingdom. Now is love. Now is the perfect place. We’re not the leaders of tomorrow. We’re the leaders of NOW.

Yes, tomorrow is bright and sunny. Yes, tomorrow is full of so much hope, sunshine and possibilities but we’ll never get there if our NOW manages to cloud it all up. Here’s what the Bible says;
“…so faith without works is dead...” (James 2:26).

My interpretation? Tomorrow without NOW is bleak. Because faith is the substance of what we HOPE for but without our work NOW, it is dead. Heard me? DEAD!

“….I tell you, NOW is the time of God’s favour, NOW is the day of salvation.” (2 Corinthians 6:2_NIV).

God’s favour is now. His grace is for now. His salvation is now. His help is now. So, there is grace for NOW. Help to do it NOW. 

I want to break free from my nowphobia. So, I’m starting with this. Write. Now. And despite all my wonderful excuses not to, (top of my list being my busy-ness) I have decided to post this. Now. So, even as you’re praying to God for that beautiful, wonderful, perfect…better tomorrow. Let your hope abide in NOW. He gave us today to live in (Psalm 118:24). Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next year. NOW.

Love now.

Seek now.

Forgive now.

Give now.

Live now.

Go now.

Get off your behind and do it. NOW!

Side note:’s a piece of homework for you; READ MY BLOG NOW!! Hehehe… I just had to blow it didn't I? And I was succeeding so much at solemnity.



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