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Hello there! Been a while...Happy new year! I know the year isn't so new any more but hey you can shoot me for not saying this earlier (totally kidding o!). 2013 was a real blast and 2014 is gonna be even more fun; for me, for you and yes for the blog! Just hold on tight okay? Cos it's gonna be a great His grace. 

So I was thinking "what do I write for the first post of the year?". I've been musing about it (probably why it took so long) and could not just for the life of me come up with something...something fascinating to write. Well, to cut the long and unnecessary story short (certified to bore you to tears), I finally decided on the one I felt was most important and should come first. 


Now this is the point where I insert long sermon on why we should give thanks, but I'll spare you all that and just go straight to what I'm thankful can add yours. So, here are few of the gazillion reasons why I'm thankful;

Lord, I’m thankful
Yes, for all the good
Thankful for the things you’ve given
The ones visible, those unseen
The warm glow of the sunrise
The little pests, the annoying mice
The chirping of birds in trees
The aesthetic lushness of the greens
Thankful Lord for the air I breathe
The whisper of the breeze on heated skin
Grateful for a bed when I’m beat
My sanity every time I need it
Thank You for the nourishment on my table
For the fact that I don’t reside in a stable
Lord for the water I’m thankful
The “little” things I often overlook
The gems, oh the riches in me
How thankful I am for the “we”
My family, my friends, my enemies
Those who’ve unwittingly made me
Thankful for the mire I fall in
For the grace, the forgiveness of sin
The occasional saving of my hide
For your Spirit; ever present guide
Thankful for the gift of yourself
That you chose to walk this earth
Thank You Lord for all my fears
The ones that fortified me over the years
Thankful for the wings of your strength
Making me soar “un-me” lengths
Ah, yes I am truly thankful
For tears when the heart is full
Full of joy, brimming with pain
Thankful for the reprieve of “tear rain”
Thank you for the rainbow that is certain to follow
The laughter, the smile, yes the end of sorrow
Thankful for working body parts
For my dim-lighted eyes in fact
Thank You for gift of word to express
For profound joy unsuppressed
Thankful for a sixth sense of humour Lord
The grace to wear rose-tinted shades in the mud
Thank you for the seemingly little things
The sands, the micro-organisms
Thankful for the bigger things
My life Lord and all that it means
Thank You I’ve got all I need
Yes Lord, thankful indeed

Then thankful for all you’ve taken
The vapor for rain-making
Thank you for the life of that little dog
The one you took for our plants’ dung
Thank you for what the floods took
Reminding us we have work to do
Thankful for when I’m robbed
That I owned what could be mugged
Thank you that I was the one stolen from
That I wasn’t the one who stole like some
Thankful for my pride you took
For letting me off “high hooks”
My fears Lord, my pains
The mettle I tend to feign
Thank you for taking away hate
Replacing it with a love that sates
Thankful for taking away my successes
The ones that feed my excesses
Those ones which try to steal your glory
Ah, yes thank you for failures that tell a story
Thankful for those you took from me
To draw my attention to the things I’ve missed
Grateful Lord for Your silence
When I‘m ensnared in my selfish lens
Thank you Lord for our loved ones
Yes, the ones you took from us
I’m thankful ‘cos you love them more
Giving us a living hope in evermore
We may not understand why you did
But still, thankful indeed
Thank you for taking my health
To remind me a healer is near
Lord, I’m thankful for the taking of “me”
Saving me from myself, my mind’s din
Trading it for your insurmountable quietude
Thank you for replacing me with you

Yes, Lord I am ecstatic and thankful
For the bad, oh yes for the good
For the things you have taken
Yes, indeed the ones you’ve given
Ah, sure I’m indeed full of praise and thanks
My joy threatening to overflow their banks
Parchment will run out if I decide to write all
But once again, I say thank You Lord!

Are you thankful?


2 comments to “THANKFUL”

  • 6 February 2014 at 06:50

    Words cannot fully express my gratitude; I'm forever grateful to God. Great write up! You're a beautiful Word-Smith! More grace! Bless

  • 12 February 2014 at 14:40

    Indeed! God is just so amazing. Thank're far too kind!

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